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2:48 PM
Xochitl - Admin
I know you might be thinking "DUDE! You already posted for today!" Well, that was for the website and I don't come in GBs, so this is about me. (That sounded shallow.)
My name is Xochitl and I started this whole thing. I live in California, and I'm twelve years old. I absolutey LOVE the Beatles and the whole purpose of this was to blog about them. There are ZILLIONS of pictures of them on websites for us fan girlies (and..boys?), so this might not have many.
I absolutely love to write and reading is fun! I hope i can do something with it. I also love to sing and act. I'm working on my second piece of Shakespeare. I'm entering the eighth grade this year! WOOHOO!
My Beatles favorites are:
Beatle: John/George, Ringo/Paul (in that order. i cant chose a favorite or least favorite but that would probably be it.)
Wife/GF: Jane Asher and Cynthia Powell
Song: "Across the Universe", "In Spite of All the Danger", "Hello Little Girl".
And if you can see the picture of John below, tell me what you think!
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6 Kaleidoscope T.  
Xo!! I ish gonna miss you on FanFic! But We can Always Talk here! I am really exited about your new blog!

Hang Tight, Live Loose, And Never let Go-
Kallisandra Talons

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5 MyBeatleKnickers  
wow...of course you like that pic hahahaha!!!

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4 DaniDragon  
WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL that was cool biggrin same as Addie i cant wait to blog and stuff :DDD
cool :O

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3 CatieMcCartney  
close you legs, dude. no one wants to see that...except for addie, maybe.

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7 Junebug  
it's a good picture. he looks like he's experiencing the wonderful joy of child birth 8^)

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8 newsie_chick1899  
Obviously. biggrin

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1 newsie_chick1899  
Yo Xo!!!! biggrin Awesome blog post!!!! This is gonna be a fun site, blogging and what not. And man, when we get to the rants. tongue Tee-hee, I think John is sexy and funny in that picture!!!!

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2 Junebug  
John always looks sexy, but he looked like he was giving birth in that pic... haha!

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