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This Is My Blog
Hello people! biggrin Since Friday's my day to blog, well, here it is!

I feel the need to rant so guess what? You guys are lucky enough to be the ones I'm ranting to. Isn't that the point of a blog? Anyway....

Lemme do a short blurb about the Paul McCartney concert before I rant. Here it is:

Oh. My. God.

It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life! He played for three hours! To hear some of those the Beatles songs live was amazing!!!! And then he sang some Wings songs of course--- Band On The Run was awesome!!!! It was just an amazing thing to see in person and I still can't believe I went!!!! I'm pretty much set for life!!!! It made me respect him and the Beatles and music in general so much more!!!! To say I loved it would be a major understatement!!!! (Attached is a picture. I sat in the upper level but still got some good pics of the screen and stuff).

All right.... ranting now....

Crushes suck. BIG TIME. Okay so in a nutshell? I like this guy who I more or less met through a mutual friend. We became friends on Facebook and even though we have like over 30 mutual friends, I don't think I've ever met him in person. Anyway--- he is like this huge Beatles freak--- like me. He is also in a band-- he sings. Problem with this situation? He is younger--- like four years younger. It's f-ing crazy, I know this. But you can't help who you like right? Yeah. First I thought it was a small little crush and I was okay with it. I thought it was a little infatuation with (ok for the sake of this let's call him Beatles Boy lol) him. But it seems to be growing more and more and now it's start to freak me out. And considering I'm a natural paranoid freak does not make it better! I don't know--- it's just growing more and more confusing and all of the crap that comes with liking someone is trying to suffocate me!!!!!!!! So it would be really nice if I could just let out a long scream. Excuse me while I do so....


All right so now I feel somewhat better. Or-- not actually but whatever. And you know what the kicker is? This guy seems kind of perfect to me. I mean--- I always say that I want a Beatles freak (check!) and a good catholic guy (check!) and a musician would be cool (well hey, check!). And he seems nice and smart. We sometimes talk on facebook (through status comments or video comments). Like I said, I don't know! It's slowly increasing and it's driving me absolutely insane!!!! The age thing kinda bugs me.... even though I know that age really doesn't matter. And just the whole thing drives me insane and I don't like it!!!! So--- help me?!

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1 Junebug  
Aw that sucks. well, i hope it works out! i wish i went to see paul mccartney though...AGH!

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2 newsie_chick1899  
Thanks lol! I hope it works out too!

lol well you did see Ringo!!!!

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