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Main » 2010 » August » 17 » McLenHarStarr? What?
12:52 PM
McLenHarStarr? What?
Hello! My name is Xochitl and this is my Beatles site. I know, it looks cheap and all (because it's free! Duh!), but after some time, I will get the hang of it.
I'm sure most (or hopefully all) are here for the Beatles! We need more Beatles fans! Now we're stuck with so called Biebermania. Ew. What have we come to? I don't know, and I don't think I want to.
So this is a Beatles site and my first website! Yay! Haha, well, I'll be learning new things everyday on how to run it and such so there might be some new things every now and then. Keep posted and I might have some new articles, pictures or laughs for you. I have three friends posting some rants or views. One girl is named Addie and she is a John fan. She will be posting on Fridays. The other girl is named Catie and she will be posting on Wednesdays. She's a Paul fan, so this should be fun. The last girl is named Dana (Dani) and she is a huge Ringo fan. She will be taking Thursdays. 8^) vs. :-) vs. :?)
So if you have any comments, be free to leave them if you can. Thanks!
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2 newsie_chick1899  
Notice how John's smiley came first? :P

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1 CatieMcCartney  
george is not being represented to his fullest. here he is: :^)

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