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4:39 PM
I'm Lazy As Hell
Yes I am. I admit it. I AM LAZY! Okay, I think we all know that. I mean, I have a children's book to write and I still haven't started. It's due tomorrow... Anyways, hello! I am so happy to see that I have fourteen votes for the favorite Beatle! This is supposed to be a rant...
Well, anyways, I wanted to also put down that I just started eighth a Catholic they keep me busy. I am so lazy though...SORRY! I really am. Well, instead of apologizing, I am going to write what I meant to write.
A) I went to a Beatles Fest two weekends ago in Santa Monica,
B) The Beatle album, and
C) I converted teams (:-) vs. 8^))
So anyways, here it is:
I went to this really super cool Beatles Fest and I met this person guy that owns Beatles-A-Rama. His name's Pat. Anyways, he had this Beatles contest thing and I won three cds. The Best Of George Harrison, Liverpool 8, and Beatles on the Banjo. It was fun. MyBeatlesKnickers (the user, I don't own any of boys underwear...yet) and I went and we had so much fun. They had A Hard Day's Night playing and yeah. It was uber fantastic. A bunch of Beatles merchandise was shown and I bought a pin. So yeah, if you wanna know how it went, send me a message! Thanks!
So numero dos shows that I had this thing that was about the Beatles albums, I was gonna start this page about them but decided that I wanted to out it in a blog.
The first album that i have onb the list would be Yellow Submarine as the worst album. Okay, my view on this album is that it's not an album. I mean, about six of the songs are Beatle-Beatles masterpieces and the other half are George Martin compositions. They put me to sleep. I mean, come on. They have these "dun dun dun dun" moods to them that make me get all anxious and it's The rest of the album is genius. Think about it though. There's "All You Need Is Love," "Hey Bulldog," and "Only a Northern Song" on the same side. I love those songs. They're great in my opinion. What about you? Tell me what you think in a comment if you like!
Last on the list would have to be changing teams. I used to be OBSESSED with John Lennon. I thought he was hot, that he was brilliant and that he
was an amazing artist. I still do...well, except for the hot part when he had that Jesus beard. He looked like his evil twin. Anyways, I also noticed how much of a pig he was and how rude he was towards people. I know that he had a hard do I, but I do go make fun of my Jewish homosexual manager do I? Do I start calling everyone names? Well, the last one I might, but the people have to deserve it. Anyways, tell me what you think. I still LOVE John, but he's not really my favorite anymore. Okay, bye!
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2 MyBeatleKnickers  
FINALLY!!!!! SHE SEES THE LIGHT!!!!! hahahaha tongue

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Well you know my view point on John... I absolutely LOVE him, he is my favourite Beatle and always will be-- and he is pretty much smoking hot. Minus the Jesus beard phase-- evil twin is correct! tongue Anyway-- I see the point of him being rude and a pig and etc, because he was. Muchly. But-- that doesn't mean he was completely and totally bad or evil or whatever. I think of him as a hero-- he had such talent, he wrote such amazing songs and later in his life, he was a great peace activist. All right, so he had some pretty crater-sized flaws but honestly, who doesn't? He was only human afterall and he did have a tough childhood (not an excuse for his behaviour but a reason perhaps). Anyway, I'm able to look at his good side and all the good he did and the things he left in this world without ignoring the bad stuff. In the end, he will always be my favourite. And he is really very sexy.... tongue But hey, I love all of them!!!!

Okay so that was my John rant-reply. About Yellow Submarine... I have always loved the song. It has been one of my favourites since I was a kid. Still love it! I agree with you though-- it's not really a full album because it only has a few of their actual songs-- the rest are the pieces from the movie. I would say that the songs are awesome and great and the rest of the album is just whatever.

Okay so that was my super long comment. tongue

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