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Main » 2010 » August » 19 » Dani rambles about British things
6:16 PM
Dani rambles about British things
Okay so here's that first post wink i know its STILL not thursday... Get used to it.

So lets start with the Beatles, whats your favorite song by them? right now mine is 'I'm a Loser' or 'What you're Doing'. So the song 'Honey Don't' (Sung by RINGO STARR!) yeah it makes me laugh. i have no idea why.... it just does.. i guess it might be the fact that Ringo sings it.. who knows.. not me..

ANYWAY so in other things British.. (that's right you guys my absolute FAVORITE show ever!) Doctor Who!!! I recently started (i still haven't actually finished it...) 'Waters of Mars' (IF anyone cares.. :P) and its kinda really weird.. ANYWAY so if ANYONE here watches Doctor Who, What do you think of Matt Smith?? I've only seen part of a Matt episode so... but yeah I'm a HUGE Tennant fan biggrin

again moving on lets talk about Charlieissocoollike!! so he's this Vlogger (Video Blogger) from somewhere in the United Kingdom! and he likes Doctor Who and The Beatles and he;s incredibly funny, check him out on youtube and (make sure to check out the Chartjackers!! the song isn't TOO bad...)

So speaking of music, Charlie sings! check out his channel and listen to 'Duet with Myself', 'Chemical Love', and a song with the band he;s in Sons of Admirals ' Here comes my Baby'

Anyway (i need a new word) Charlie is a pretty cool kid and may i say he is quiet good looking ad QUIET a good musician wink

So bands... One Night Only! ONO's new Single(?) 'Say you Don't Want it' came out on August 16! be sure to check it out! British band, pretty cute guys, pretty good music.

Okay so sorry i didn't have any links for y'all to make it easier.. maybe by next week I'll have figured it out biggrin

Until Then

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4 CatieMcCartney  
i learned that today so i just thought i might throw that in there real quick

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3 newsie_chick1899  
Yay for British things!!!! biggrin

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2 MyBeatleKnickers  
So...the beatles r cute, charlie is cute, and ono are cute...AWESOME!!!! biggrin llam hahaha boy krazzy girl here wink

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1 Junebug  
lol, yay! charlie!!

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