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3:20 PM
Dani's introduction!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello there readers!! my name is Dani! (shocker there) and i know i'm supposed to be posting TOMORROW but i have a school event tomorrow night so.. i can't but after this week i'll post thursdays :). so.. about myself.. I'm Dani.. I'm 15, i just started my sophmore year of high school two days ago, and.. so far, it's pretty okay i guess, it could be worse, i mean today i went to the wrong lunch a missed the first half hour of my Typing/Computer Lit. class but HEY! i wasn't the only one!
Anyway moving on. so my blog is going to be about british things from the Beatles and other british bands Like One night Only (ONO) to Doctor Who and Charliissocoollike. also i may talk about british people, like David Tennant.... yeah ......
so some cool things about me... i can kinda play drums. I'm a spaz. I think too much. I love my friends more than anything. and there's nothing really all that different about me..
Anyway leave ay questions in the comments and i shall post again about british things in an hour smile

Till then

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haha biggrin groovy taffy smile llam i LOV doctor who!!

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